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Tadeusz Kantor Foundation was established in 1994, after the artist had passed away. The goal of the Foundation is to preserve and promote his artistic achievements along with supporting new artistic and research activities undertaken as an emanation of artistic and intellectual freedom.

The Foundation has been protecting Tadeusz Kantor’s artistic heritage, artwork, achievements and other documents describing his life and art. It holds exhibitions, carries out research projects, maintains an archive of the artist and publishes books on Kantor’s artwork.

The Foundation manages the Tadeusz Kantor and Maria Stangret House in Hucisko near Kraków which occupies the house designed and built by Kantor himself. It is the only place that is closely connected to Kantor’s artwork and has not been altered over the years. A piece of art in its own right, it is currently used as a unique place to hold exhibitions and to develop new artistic practices by contemporary artists.

Ever since the Foundation was created in 1994 it has accomplished numerous projects in various cities and countries. For instance, in 1995 it erected one of Kantor’s „Impossible Monuments” – a monument of a Chair, done in concrete near Kantor’s house in Hucisko. The unveiling of the monument took place during a conference dedicated to Kantor’s art. In 2000 the Foundation also presented many projects as part of the European Capital of Culture – Krakow 2000 celebrations. Moreover, the Foundation published books on Tadeusz Kantor’s artwork and Maria Stangret’s memoirs.

In recent years the Foundation has rolled out an artistic residence program (A-i-R) for contemporary artists. Its goal is to support the next generation of artists and researchers in their artistic and scientific explorations. The residence program is centered around a stay at Kantor’s House in Hucisko, but it is not limited with respect to the location and the period of stay. It is focused on creating new works and inspiring intellectual exchange.




Fundacja imienia Tadeusza Kantora
Ul. Tytoniowa 24A/15
04-228 Warsaw
NIP [tax identification number] 6762167428

Lech Stangret – Foundation director

Antoni Burzyński – board member

Jolanta Janas – board member




Tadeusz Kantor copyrights

The copyrights for Tadeusz Kantor’s works are held by the artist’s heirs.
For enquiries please contact Tadeusz Kantor Foundation at ftk@kantorfoundation.pl